• Bruschetta


      Toasted bread topped with chopped fresh tomatoes, garlic, fresh basil and extra virgin olive oil

    • Asparagi Contessa


      Fresh Asparagus topped with Hollandaise sauce and gratinated with Parmesan cheese

    • Battuta alla Barca


      Thinly chopped fillet of beef dressed with fresh black truffle, Parmesan cheese, extra virgin olive oil and garnished with toasted home made bread and garlic

    • Misto tropicale


      Fresh Cornish crab with mayonnaise and baby prawns with cocktail sauce served with mango and avocado

    • Prosciutto di Parma


      Parma ham served with seasonal fruit

    • Insalata di mare


      Homemade fresh seafood salad dressed with extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice and garlic

    • Gamberetti piccanti


      Peeled baby prawns in a spicy tomato sauce

    • Calamari fritti


      Fresh fried squid garnished with fried courgettes and home made Tartar sauce

    • Spare ribs agrodolce


      Spare ribs in spicy sweet and sour sauce

    • Gamberoni burro e aglio


      Butterfly cut king prawns with butter, garlic and parsley

    • Tortino di salmone affumicato


      Smokes salmon mould filled with fresh Cornish crab, mayonnaise, spring onions and paprika

    • Pate della casa


      Homemade chicken liver pate

    • Bresaola con Parmigiano


      Homemade cured beef with shaves of Parmesan cheese, rocket salad

    • Sardine alla griglia


      Grilled fresh sardines with tomato, cucumber and red onion Tabbouleh

    • Carpaccio toscano


      Thinly sliced raw fillet steak served cold with shaves of Parmesan cheese, rocket salad and extra virgin olive oil

    • Cozze a piacere


      Mussels when in season with tomato, garlic, oregano or garlic, white wine, lemon and parsley sauce

    • Insalata tricolore


      Buffala mozzarella with fresh tomatoes, avocado and basil


    • Minestrone toscano


      Homemade Italian vegetable soup

    • Pappardelle alla Campagniola


      Papardelle pasta with shallots, asparagus, Italian pork sausage, brandy, sun-dried cherry cherry tomatoes and cream

    • Pasta e fagioli


      Traditional Italian pasta and bean soup

    • Ravioli burro e salvia


      Ravioli filled with ricotta and spinach and served in butter and sage sauce

    • Spaghetti alla Barca


      House specialty. Spaghetti with mix seafood and tomato sauce, cooked in paper bag

      • seafood
    • Penne arrabbiata


      Penne pasta with tomato, garlic, onions and red chillies

    • Tagliatelle carbonara


      Tagliatelle pasta with pancetta (Italian smoked bacon), egg yolk, cream and Parmesan cheese

    • Pappardelle con anatra affumicata


      Pappardelle pasta with smoked duck, shallots, mixed mushrooms, port and cream

    • Paste al tartufo nero


      Your choice of pasta - risotto or tagliatelle, with butter, Parmesan and fresh black truffle. Ask your waiter if available

    • Tortelloni del Buongustaio


      Homemade large tortelloni filled with ricotta and spinach, served with tomato, cream, brandy, rocket leaves and prawns

    • Risotto ai funghi


      Risotto with mushrooms

    • Risotto agli asparagi


      Risotto with fresh asparagus

    • Spaghetti aragosta


      Spaghetti with fresh lobster, brandy, cherry tomatoes, garlic and basil

    • Spaghetti alle vongole Veraci


      Spaghetti with fresh baby clams, garlic, parsley and extra virgin olive oil

    • Linguine Mare Blue


      Linguine with garlic, chilli, large prawns, scallops and sun-dried cherry tomatoes

    • PESCE

    • Spigola alla griglia


      Fresh grilled Sea Bass, filleted at your table

    • Cape Sante Calabresi


      Fresh king scallops served with crispy Italian bacon, stir fry julienne of carrots, peppers, celery and courgettes and Balsamic glaze (contains fish sauce)

    • Gamberoni Pasquale


      Butterfly cut king prawns with cream, brandy, garlic and Worcestershire sauce

    • Grigliata di pesce


      Selection of fresh grilled fish

    • Sogliola alla griglia


      Fresh grilled Dove Sole filleted at your table

    • Tonno alla Griglia


      Tuna steak on bed of Tabbouleh of tomatoes, cucumber, red onions, lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil

    • Calamari fritti


      Fresh fried squid garnished with fried courgettes and home made Tartar sauce


    • Pollo alla moda


      Breast of chicken topped with bacon, avocado, Parmesan cheese and tomato sauce

    • Pollo montebianco


      Breast of chicken with wild mushrooms, cream and brandy sauce

    • Pulcino alla diavola


      Baby spring chicken with mixed herbs, garlic and chilli

    • Anatra al Porto


      Duck Supreme with mushrooms, sun-dried cherry tomatoes, thyme and Port

    • Cotoletta di vitello milanese


      Veal escalope fried in breadcrumbs

    • Nodino di vitello burro e salvia


      Veal chop in butter and sage sauce

    • Vitello Gorgonzola e tartufo nero


      Escallop of veal with Gorgonzola cheese, cream and fresh black truffle

    • Fegato di vitello


      Calf's lever grilled with bacon or panfried with butter and sage

    • Rognoni Trifolati


      Veal kidneys chopped and sauteed with mushrooms, white wine, garlic and parsley. Served with rice

    • Filetto alla tartare


      Raw minced fillet steak, marinated with gherkins, anchovies, onions, egg yolk and lemon juice. Prepared at your table

    • Filetto di Manzo


      Scotch fillet steak grilled or with Blue cheese and Port sauce

    • Bocconcini di Filetto


      Fillet steak bites with wild mushrooms, Port wine, thyme, fresh black truffle and touch of cream. Served with mashed potatoes

    • Tagliata di Manzo


      Marinated sirloin steak, grilled, sliced and served on mixed salad with light whole grain mustard and lemon juice drizzle

    • Steak Diane


      Scotch sirloin steak flamed at your table with French mustard, onions, brandy and gravy sauce

    • Carre d’agnello rosmarino


      Rack of lamb with garlic and rosemary gravy sauce

    • Costolette d’agnello alla griglia


      Grilled lamb cutlets


    • Mixed Salad



    • Tomato and Onion Salad



    • Spinach



    • Sauteed potatoes



    • French beans



    • Fried Courgettes



    • Broccoli



    • Mashed potatoes



    • French Fries



    • Mangetout




    • Frutta Fresca


      Fresh fruit selection

    • Torta di Formaggio


      Ricotta cheesecake with mix berries

    • Panna Cotta con Frutti di Bosco


      Home made Panna Cotta with berry compote

    • Arange Regina


      Oranges in caramel and Crand Marnier

    • Tiramisu


      Traditional Italian home made coffee, liqueur, mascarpone and sponge cake

    • Creme Brulee


      Vanilla Creme Brulee

    • Crepe La Barca


      House speciality. Pancake rolled with creme Chantilly, Amaretto biscuits and Amaretto liqueur

    • Creme Caramel


      Traditional Italian cream caramel

    • Profiteroles al Cioccolato


      Home made profiteroles with chocolate sauce

    • Mousse al Cioccolato


      Dark chocolate mousse

    • Gelati e Sorbetti


      Selection of ice creams and sorbets. Ask the member of staff for flavours

    • Crepe Suzette


      Prepared for two. Pancakes with caramel, orange zest and Grand Marnier liquor, flamed at your table

    • Zabaglione


      Traditional Italian mousse with egg yolks and Marsala wine, prepared at your table

    • Formaggi Misti


      Selection of Italian cheeses

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